Welcome and Introduction…

This is the first post for Ahn’s Gaelic, a series of posts/lessons that will talk you from very simple to more advanced Gaelic sentences. Regular posts will commence on August 1st. There will be one lesson a day, and the first month is pre-scheduled to go.


Please feel free to comment on posts. Especially I welcome: corrections to any errors you find, questions asking for explanation about the material introduced in each lesson, general feedback on the lessons. I will not generally comment to give corrections/answers to translations, though if something truly puzzles you, please ask.

About new words:

I usually introduce 4-8 new Gaelic words per lesson. Nouns are given with their nominative form, then genitive singular, and nominative plural. Then I identify whether they are masculine (fir) or feminine (boir). Adjectives are given in two forms, the normal (positive) form, followed by the comparative form. Verbs are given with their root form, then their verbal-noun form. Irregular verbs will be given with more information.