Leasan 31

you (sg)                  tusa

he                            esan

she                          ise

we                           sinne

you (pl)                   sibhse

they                         iadsan


Exercise 60

An tusa an teachdaire? Cha mhise an teachdaire, ach ‘se mise an dotair. Nach esan an saighdear? ‘Se, is esan an saighdear. An sinne Màiri agus Màiread? Is, is sinne Màiri agus Màiread gu dearbh. Nach sibhse Aongas agus Seoras? Cha sibhse Aongas agus Seoras, ach is sibhse Daibhidh agus Iain. Is iadsan Màiri agus Dòmhnall, is sinne Raonaid agus Roibeard. Tha an cat dubh agus geal aig an t-seinneadair. A’ bheil cù aige? Chan eil, chan eil cù aige idir. A’ bheil an iasgear anns’ an taigh mór uaine? Tha, tha e anns an taigh. Tha móran meala anns a’ choille, ach tha e ro fhuar an-diugh.

Exercise 61

Are you the good teacher? I’m not the good teacher, but he is. She is the doctor, and he is the nurse. we are James and Ian, they are George and Mary. Are you Robert and David? Yes, we are. There’s a large animal in the garden. It’s a horse. No, it’s a big dog. My dog is lazy, but that dog of yorus is industrious and busy. The milk in the box is often warm, but it is not too warm today.


Note: we already met mise in lesson 21, now we introduce the other emphatic forms of the pronouns. They may be used either for emphasis, or contrast. Notice that esan violates the slender-broad rule; this occurs with a handful of compound words. The tendency is to pronounce it esan, so that the s is broad.


Fàg freagairt

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