About Ahn’s Gaelic

What is this blog?

This blog is a series of lessons designed to help you practice, learn, or develop Scottish Gaelic. It is built upon the method of J.F. Ahn.

How do I use this blog?

Each blog post represents a single lesson, with 2 exercises, progressing from the absolute basics to the most complex. You will meet some new vocabulary, one exercise of Gaelic sentences, and one of English sentences. I recommend reading the Gaelic out loud, and writing your own copy of it. You may translate it to English. The English sentences you should translate to Gaelic, both verbally, and then in writing.

How long is the course and when do new posts come out?

The first level of this course will be around 500 lessons, divided into 10 units, and covering all major points of Gaelic grammar. You will also meet around 2500 words, and read countless sentences in Gaelic. At one lesson a day, it would take you almost 1.5 years to cover all this material. After that I have plans for a second course and beyond that will provide a wealth more exposure to Gaelic.

I will release a version of all of level 1 once I have completed writing it, this will allow you to learn at an accelerated pace if you desire.

How do I pronounce Gaelic?

I haven’t included pronunciation guidelines here. I recommend a page like TAIC, or the introductory section of any Gaelic language course. In the full-text version of this course there will be a written guide to Gaelic pronunciation. I also have in mind to produce my own audio files, but this is not an immediate task. I do recommend you listen to as much Gaelic as possible though.

Who are you?

I’m an accidental polyglot with a penchant for old textbooks and a desire to see more Gaelic reading material on the internet.


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